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Post-Practice Q&A Interview with Patriots WR Taylor Price

After today's practice, I spoke with Patriots receiver Taylor Price.  Here's what he had to say:

On transition from year one to year two without a traditional offseason: "I just used the extra time with the lockout to prepare myself the best I could, get my head in the playbook, be on the field running routes, staying in condition, and just keeping my body for whenever we came back.  And when we came back I was ready in shape and ready to go.

On what he worked to improve on from his rookie year: "Just a little bit of everything.  My overall game really.  My footwork.  Staying in my playbook.  Staying in the best condition I could.  And just getting my mind ready for training camp and ready to go for whenever it came around.

On working with Chad Ochocinco: "Good.  He's an accomplished receiver, he's achieved a lot in this league.  I had Randy [Moss] here, tried to learn from him.  Have Ochocinco here, trying to learn from him.  Wes [Welker], Tom [Brady], just trying to take anything I can from those guys that have been here and done it before and trying to add it to my game.

On any possible leaders who helped him develop: "I mean all of them.  I try to use everything from all of their games.  Wes [Welkers]' game.  Deion [Branch]'s - he's been in the league for [9] years.  Tom, Ocho.  I just try to take anything I can from all of them and just try to add it to my own craft."

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On his comfort level (asked by Karen Guregian]: "A ton.  A ton better.  I feel a lot more comfortable out here.  Knowing what to expect. [I've] been through it one year.  Just knowing my teammates that more.  Knowing the playbook that much more, being there for a year. And just being that much more confident in my game just to go out there and be able to play fast and play football like I've always been playing.

On how he spent his lockout (Guregian): I was at Columbus most of the time.  Travelling, went down to Miami for a few weeks, but mostly in Columbus my hometown.  Working out with my college quarterback. Had a couple of receivers from around the Columbus area.  Working on our overall game just trying to stay in shape.

If the uncertainty was nerve-wrecking (Guregian): "Yeah, I mean any time you don't know what's going on you - you're just going day by day, day by day not knowing - but you can't let that affect what you're doing.  You've just got to stay ready, keep working out, staying in top condition.

On comfort level with Tom (Guregian): "I think that's a big part of it.  [I'm] a lot more comfortable with Tom. He can rely on me more. He can trust me more out there on the field - where I'm supposed to be on certain routes. So we're getting that chemistry.  We're getting that bond between each other that we're supposed to have.

On where he feels most comfortable on the field: "I think I have a good overall game. I have the speed to go deep but I feel like I can run intermediate routes.  I can run quick routes and get up field and make a short play a long play.  So, I feel like there's no limit to the routes that I can run.

On his thoughts about his role playing special teams: "Yeah, definitely.  Anywhere that I can fit in.  Anywhere they can use me make plays - use my speed, use my athleticism, that's where I want to fit in."

On his view of competition (Mike Reiss): "I love it.  It only make you a better receiver.  You've got to go out there every day like it's a game day and bring your 'A' game and be ready to compete every single day. Be ready to go.

On where he is at this point compared to last year (Reiss): "Making major strides.  Me being more comfortable in the offense.  Me being more comfortable with Tom.  Being able to come out here and play fast, play football.  Just being able to relax, take a deep breath, take it all in, and go out there and play football like I've always been playing."