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New England Patriots Links 8/30/11 - Deion Branch Confident in Camp

Deion Branch talks to the media about his lack of catches this preseason, and his connection with Tom Brady.

My job is to go out there and execute the plays that the coaches call. Definitely as a receiver you want the ball, but we understand and I understand what we're doing as far as working the things that we're trying to do, working the kinks out in our offense. Trust me, I have all the confidence in the world that Tom [Brady] will find me when he needs me, when the coaches make certain play calls for him to come to me with the ball. Right now I'm not stressing over the fact that I haven't caught a ball in preseason.

Personally I feel like [my camp] is going pretty good, even talking with the coaches. Me and Tom [Brady] are hitting on pretty much all the cylinders out on the field as well. I think overall, I'm having a pretty good one.

Bill Belichick agrees Branch is doing well.

Well I think Deion has had a good training camp. I think he's running well, good routes. He's catching the ball well in practice. I'm sure his opportunities and production will come, but I think he's had a good training camp.