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New England Patriots Links 8/08/11 - Patriots Are High On Price

Mark Farinella reports Taylor Price tailored his offseason to really learn the playbook and be ready to contribute  right from the start of camp.

"I just want to keep competing at a high level, keep playing at a high level, each and every day work at something new, keep getting better at certain things, and always learn from my mistakes," the wide receiver from Ohio University said. "That's what I've been doing these couple of weeks in camp, to keep getting better, no matter what keep pushing myself every single day."

"[Last year, not] having a full grasp on the playbook like I should to be able to play right away, it took me a little bit of time to get into the playbook and know everything," he said. "And coming from a non-sophisticated offense to a very sophisticated, complex, spread offense, it was a little bit different. But I think I'm a smart-enough receiver where I can adjust pretty fast, and that offseason last year really helped me a lot."

"The lockout definitely helped," he said. "I was in my playbook a lot, learning all the audibles and all the different formations, all that. I want to come out here and be ready, to be ready to take over a spot and have no mess-ups, and not have any errors or slipups.

"I know this is my year to go out there and get a spot, and be able to compete," he said. "So I was definitely in that playbook, to know what I was supposed to be doing." He was willing to commit himself to non-stop learning, he said, because of the example set by the Patriots' other wide receivers as he watched them compete last season.

Matt Kalman reports Bill O'Brien thinks the backup quarterback battle is a positive for the team.

"With Brian and Ryan, you have two guys there who obviously can throw the ball," O’Brien said. "Again, they’re working for consistency and working to learn the offense. (They’re) at different points in their careers now. Brian is going into his third year now, and with Ryan being a rookie, they’re at a little bit of different points there, but (they’re) trying to play as consistently as they can, but both of them have (been impressive) in how they can throw the football. You’ve got three guys there that can really throw the football, so that’s been good."