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New England Patriots Links 8/09/11 - Shaun Ellis: Patriots "Made Me Feel Like a Weapon"

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Shaun Ellis was asked if it was that easy to flip the switch ... to go from green to blue.

Guys change teams all the time. I've just been fortunate enough to play 11 years with the Jets. I had a great time, a great experience. It's just one of those things when it's time to move on, you have to move on. I've found a new home here and guys have welcomed me in. I was kind of a little hesitant at first, a little weird feelings, but once I got in here they made me feel like a weapon. Is it easy? Yeah it is.

Mike Rodak offers his observations from practice 13 Monday.

Skies open up. [Tell me about it!]  About an hour into practice, heavy rain started to fall on the practice fields behind Gillette Stadium. The team practiced through it and did not move into the Dana Farber Fieldhouse. The conditions quickly became a factor, with quarterback Tom Brady and center Dan Koppen botching their first wet snap exchange of a 9-on-7 session. Both players ran a lap, as did quarterback Brian Hoyer and center Chris Morris later during the rainstorm. Meanwhile, Brady did not have his best day of camp, under- or over-throwing a number of his targets while also being intercepted by safety Sergio Brown during 11-on-11 work.

Red zone work in focus. The red zone was a big focus of the later part of practice on Monday. The defense made two impressive goal line stands, with defensive tackle Vince Wilfork stopping running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis short of the goal line, followed by linebacker Jerod Mayo stuffing Green-Ellis at the line. Wide receiver Chad Ochocinco made an impressive sideline grab in the end zone, but it didn't appear as if he got both feet down in bounds. Tight end Will Yeatman and wide receivers Julian Edelman and Tyree Barnes also made touchdown grabs during the drill.

Christopher Price gives us a rundown of Monday's afternoon practice.

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski seemed to be laboring through much of the first part of the session, and at roughly the halfway point after one drill, he went to one knee and called for a trainer. He walked to the sidelines under his own power — quarterback Tom Brady checked on him — and then walked off the field. He was not limping or flexing any muscles, so it could be heat-related. Something that bears watching over the next few days. In addition, late in the practice session, right guard Dan Connolly appeared to be getting his right elbow or forearm examined at the end of a drill — also worth keeping an eye on going forward.

The conditions put the players under some level of stress they haven’t faced through the first two weeks or so of camp. As a result, it wasn’t the sharpest session of the summer: There were a handful of missteps, including a botched snap between Brady and center Dan Koppen in the rain that left them running a lap. (Backups Brian Hoyer and Chris Morris had to do the same later in the session, and offensive lineman Nate Solder and Mark LeVoir also had to run penalty laps.)

It was a sluggish day for the offensive line. Not sure if that was because of the heat, the constant rotation of new defensive linemen or the fact that the Patriots are a little thin at the spot — Wendell, Cannon and Light were all out — but they struggled through a good portion of the session. That extended to the rest of the offense as well, as there were several missed connections between Brady and pass catchers, with the quarterback delivering low passes to several players, including Chad Ochocinco, Tyree Barnes and Darnell Jenkins. (Jenkins and Ochocinco both made nice sliding grabs.) Brady was picked by safety Sergio Brown on a short ball meant for Barnes, while a Brady pass for Lee Smith was knocked down by linebacker Jerod Mayo.



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