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New England Patriots Links 9/16/11 - Drew Bledsoe, Jon Morris to Be Honored This Weekend

Dan Duggan reports on Drew Bledsoe's rare return to Foxboro and how he's marveled by all that has changed.

"You look around here now and all that’s happened and where it’s gone," Bledsoe said. "When you’re a part of something, you hope that while you’re a part of it you make it better. Then when you leave you hope that whoever follows you picks up and takes it to higher and better places. That certainly has been the case here under the stewardship of the Kraft family, with Tom, with Bill (Belichick). They’ve just taken this franchise to heights that were unimaginable in 1993."

"It’s humbling," Bledsoe said. "It’s also something I take great pride in. I take great pride in being a part of those teams, and I emphasize being a part of those teams. I understand being the quarterback, obviously it’s the same old thing where you get more credit than you deserve. But being a part of those teams that started to turn this franchise in the right direction is something I take a lot of pride in."

Mark Farinella says there will be no shortage of challenges for Devin McCourty against the Chargers this week.

"I don't believe in [looking back]," the second-year cornerback from Rutgers said. "I don't think offenses or players look at what you've done before and say, 'You know what? I think we're going to leave that guy alone.' As a corner, I expect each week to go out there and be challenged."

"I'm only in my second year, and we've got Ras (Ras-I Dowling) out there, Kyle (Arrington) and Leigh (Bodden), and teams are going to take their turns," McCourty said. "They have good receivers and they believe in their receivers, so they're always going to take their chances down the field."

"You've just got to compete," he added. "This week, Vincent Jackson and Malcom Floyd, they are guys that can get vertical down the field as well. So we've got our hands full again. That's what you kind of expect in the NFL. There are more receivers that are bigger guys and can still run very well and run good routes, so each week you've got to be ready to go against the top guys in the league."





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