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New England Patriots Links 9/20/11 - Aaron Hernandez' Injury Creates Opportunity

<em>Chad Ochocinco could be targeted a lot more with Aaron Hernandez sidelined</em>.
Chad Ochocinco could be targeted a lot more with Aaron Hernandez sidelined.

Jerod Mayo, on WEEI yesterday, talks about the four turnovers and goal line stand.

"When training camp started, we always said we’ve got to be tough on the goal line," Mayo said. "I think it really paid off us yesterday — and the week before."

Mayo said the defense benefits from practicing against the Patriots’ high-powered offense.

"Just going against our offense I think really helps us out," Mayo said. "We’re still a young defense, and going against [Tom] Brady and Deion and those tight ends is good practice for us each and every day."

Bill Belichick talks about the defense giving up a lot of passing yards for the second week in a row.

I'd say the big problem we had yesterday was we had our chances to get off the field and we just didn't do a good job of it. We had several plays we could have made on third down that I think were pretty makeable plays and we just didn't make them. So we have to do a better job with our pass rush, with our coverage, with our overall execution of the defense against the passing game than we did yesterday or than, really, we have in the last two weeks. I don't think it's any one specific thing or one particular player or position or anything. We just collectively need to do it better. 

Chris Forsberg reports Dan Gronkowski is ready to ramp up his role with the offense.

"There were some instances in the [first two games of the season] where I actually had to go in there with [the staff] coaching me up on the sidelines," said Gronkowski. "I was going in there and running plays that I'd never run before. I gotta keep getting in the playbook, getting everything down and be real comfortable."

"They expect me to know everything now," said Gronkowski. "I’m at that point. I'm ready to get in there and just help out the team however I can."