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New England Patriots Links 9/21/11 - Belichick Plans for Everything, even Streakers

Bill Belichick talks about how disrupting fake injuries can be to a no-huddle offense.

Well I think we all see that the way the game is now there are different breaks in the game at all points in time. You can have the momentum or positive things going on in your favor and we stop and review a play or review a score or a play gets challenged or a player gets injured or you know or a beach ball rolls onto the field or it could be a dog runs out there. It could be anything - streakers. Things happen.

That's just part of being focused and playing through the situation, whatever it is that comes up, things you can't control. Plays are going to get reviewed; plays are going to get stopped. Momentum and the tempo is going to change. You have to be able to deal with it on both sides of the ball, for it or against it, on the road and at home. It's just part of the game. I think if you want to address that whole issue then that's something that needs to go to the people who make the rules.

Bill O'Brien talks about what challenges the Bills defense presents.

This week, starting up front with Kyle Williams, an excellent player, great effort player, never stops playing. [Marcell] Dareus, the rookie from Alabama, he's playing very well for them for a rookie. The linebackers are solid. Nick Barnett, instinctive player, good player. And then the secondary, I think they have two really good corners in [Drayton] Florence and [Leodis] McKelvin, instinctive and good athletes and [they] present challenges because of their athletic ability and their instincts. And both safeties are smart players and understand the scheme that they're playing very well. Q: How would you characterize the defense they play? BO: I would characterize it as an aggressive, very disciplined defense that plays with tremendous effort.

Nick Caserio addresses Bills center Eric Wood and their O-Line.

They moved him to center. He's played guard over the past few years, at least when he's healthy. They had [Geoff] Hangartner playing center so they had bumped him over and he's been a consistent player. He's tough, he's smart, he's a good athlete, he has good playing strength [and] he has a good playing style. Their offensive line has played well over the past two games. They have some younger players like he and [Andy] Levitre, who if I remember correctly, I think they took them in the same year, might have been the year after. He started a number of games, basically since he's been in the league, he's been a three-year starter. Between Levitre and Wood on the interior, Kraig Urbik, who they acquired either on waivers or they signed as a free agent, is another younger player. And then [Demetrius] Bell has started there for a number of years. [Erik] Pears is playing right tackle; they have some other guys that work at that position. Collectively as a group they've played well. Eric is a good player - he's been able to make the transition over from guard to center.