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New England Patriots Links 9/26/11 - Patriots Winged by Buffalo

Tom Brady speaks to the media following yesterday's loss in Buffalo

On overcoming mistakes: We played a good football team. We made too many mistakes. It's tough to overcome as many mistakes as we did. (Buffalo) made a lot of plays and they've got a good team. They're a good coverage team. They made some good plays in the pass game. They took advantage of some opportunities that they got. We fought to the end but it just wasn't enough.

On giving up the 21 point lead: It's never easy; (Buffalo) came back last week. We were expecting a four quarter game and we had our opportunities. We didn't really take advantage of them like I wish we would have. We had too many turnovers, too many penalties and allowed (Buffalo) to get some easy plays there. They took advantage when they needed to.

On being shocked by losing after having the lead: It's a four quarter game and you play for 60 minutes. Things change fast. (Buffalo) gets a few plays and made a few turnovers. Before halftime we're going in to score and Bryan Scott makes an interception on the sideline. They go down and score. We start the second half with an interception. If you let them back in the game like that, a team that is explosive in the pass game like they are, they took advantage of it.

On how quickly things change: It's football. It's a few plays here or there. We've been on the other end of that before, too. You've got to play for 60 minutes. You've got to keep your foot on the gas pedal and play mistake free. We certainly didn't do that. (We had) too many turnovers, too many penalties, too many scoring opportunities that we missed. That's why we lost the game. On if it was a helpless feeling at the end of the game: (Buffalo) got a good break. I wish (Fred Jackson) would have went into the end zone to give us a chance to get the ball back but he didn't. The refs changed the call. They had an opportunity to run the clock out and kick the field goal. It's smart football.

Wes Welker talked at the podium after his record-setting performance.

On his overall thought of the night: I think the turnovers really killed us in the end. We were able to do some good things out there and moved the ball pretty well and things like that. We get in key positions, we can't turn the ball over and make some of those mistakes and pick sixes and different things like that. We didn't play very good complimentary football with each other. And the Bills came out there and played hard and kept fighting and they were definitely a tougher team than us today.

On the cause of New England turnovers today: I think it's multiple things. You know, I'm sure Tom [Brady] will tell you, bad throws and different things like that, that ultimately we got to be on the same page and we're all accountable for it and making sure that we're in the right spots making the plays we need to.

On how tonight's game detracts from their usual game: Pretty much it detracts everything. I mean, we lost the game. You know, what should be a great fun day of breaking records and doing all those things, it's totally the opposite. I think it shows that we've got a long way to go and we got to step up across the board and make plays and understand that we just can't play like this.

On Brady and game interceptions: I think anytime you turn the ball over you definitely, especially in the situations we were in, it's never good. It's never good for your psyche, it's never good for the team and never good for scoring points. It's definitely something we ultimately, all collectively, you know it's not just on Tom. It's everybody getting on the same page and understanding that we're in this together. And we all need to make plays and we're all accountable for it.



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