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Game Ball of the Week: Wes Welker

It's extremely difficult to hand out a "game ball" after a crushing loss to a divisional foe, but we'll attempt to do it anyways.  And since we're handing out a game ball, Wes Welker is the only viable candidate to receive one.

But had it been any other week, Wes Welker likely still would have won this award.  The stats alone should speak for themselves; Welker brought in 16 grabs for 217 yards and two touchdowns.  But Welker's performance Sunday went beyond just stats.

As Tom Brady struggled in the second half against the Bills, Welker continued to show the grit and toughness that we're all accustomed to.  He had the final four catches on the Patriots final drive that tied the game at 31.  And the Bills new exactly what the Patriots were doing - Brady had no other options Sunday aside from Welker and Rob Gronkowski.  While the Bills found a way to stop Gronkowski, they never figured out Welker, who was literally unstoppable.

Welker's 217 yard performance just adds to the terrific season he's already been having.  Most fans thought Welker would revert to his pre-injury form, but I don't think anyone thought Welker would come out this hot.  In three games, Welker has 31 receptions for 458 yards and four touchdowns.

Like we did with Tom Brady last week, lets just extrapolate those numbers over the course of the season just for fun.  That would leave Welker with 165 catches for 2443 yards and 21 touchdowns.  Of course, Welker won't put up those type of numbers when all is said and done, but as Gus Johnson seems to say endlessly on repeat in Madden 11, "somebody get this man a new contract!"