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New England Patriots Links 9/29/11 - Brandon Spikes Expects a Physical Game

Ian Rapoport catches up with Brandon Spikes, who's job it will be to stop Darren McFadden and the running Raiders.

"We got a physical style of play," Spikes said yesterday. "I want to come out and be physical, do what I do. I was brought here to help stop the run, and I’m just going to come out when my number’s called, be accountable and try to get the job done."

"It’s going to be a good, physical game," Spikes said. "Oakland’s always physical; they got some big guys up front. Their backs are downhill guys and they’re looking to make a play. They’re attacking. We want to attack."

"We just want to be fundamentally sound all the way across the line," Spikes said, "try to build a wall and get after it."

Bill Belichick addresses whether the re-signing of Gerard Warren is something that will defend the run.

That was a hard cut that we made at the beginning of the season. The way the roster worked out we were able to get him back on the roster here. It's good to have him back.

He was here all last year. Very experienced player, obviously a big guy, high draft choice, very talented guy, big guy that can run, that's smart and has experience in our system. That's a lot of things for us. Versatile, can play inside, play outside.

Tom Brady talks about what he sees from the Raiders defense.

We haven't played them or I haven't played them in a while, so it's been kind of a crash course the last few days in getting to know them [and] getting to know their personnel and schemes. They're very good; they play well at home. They're very physical, they're tough, they're big, they're fast. It's always a certain kind of player out there: big, fast, and tough. They play well at home. It's a good front. They're good in the secondary [and] they're physical. It's going to be a big challenge.