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New England Patriots Links 9/08/11 - 2011 NFL Season Begins Tonight: Patriots Name Six Captains

Ian Rapoport reports the Patriots have named their captains for the season, all voted for by the team.

The captains have not been announced, but I’m told they are:

Guard Logan Mankins, QB Tom Brady, ST Matthew Slater, LB Jerod Mayo, DT Vince Wilfork and CB Devin McCourty. Brady is a perennial captain and by now, so are Wilfork and Mayo.

But the fact that McCourty, just a second-year player, is a captain speaks to the respect his teammates have for him. That’s just like it was for Mayo during his second season. The Pro Bowler is simply adding to his resume.

As for Mankins, now that his contract situation is wrapped up, he’s clearly assumed a leadership role. But there was never any doubt that his teammates looked up to him. Just look at how he plays on the field. And finally, Slater is the unofficial special teams captain, a guy who does everything right and does everything he’s asked.

Not a bad group to lead the team into Miami.

Chris Forsberg notes Matthew Slater, entering his fourth year, feels blessed to be called a veteran.

Slater still remembers his first days in New England and chuckled while recalling how two hulking playbooks -- one for the offense, the other for defense -- were dropped in his lap. While splitting time with the receivers and safeties early in his career, he carried both around, all while his focus was on special teams. He's thankful to be working with only the receivers now, but said he remains willing to tackle any role the team wants.

"That’s really not up to me; Whatever the coaches want me to do, whatever they ask of me, that’s what I’m willing to do," said Slater. "Like I’ve said since Day 1, I’m just here to do a job, and that job is what the coaches ask me to do. If that means putting my hand on the ground and playing offensive line, that’s what I'm going to try to do. I’m just excited about the opportunity to help this team win games."



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