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AFC East News: Jets Get Rid of Schottenheimer, Bring in Sparano as OC

The New York Jets finished the 2011 regular season on a three game losing streak, and missed out on the playoffs for the first time in three years with an 8-8 record. Since then, the team has imploded. Rex Ryan has tried to right the ship, but people have been questioning most aspects of the team, from the playcalling on offense, to the man quarterbacking the team: Mark Sanchez.

Well, the Jets have now officially made their first big move. Late last night, the team announced that offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer would not return to the team (technically, he resigned). Now, they're bringing in the former head coach of the divisional rival Miami Dolphins, Tony Sparano, to take Schottenheimer's place as the teams offensive coordinator.

In my opinion, while Sparano is an excellent football coach, he's not what the Jets need offensively. Rather, I'm not sure if he fits what the Jets are looking for. Sparano has limited play calling experience in his career, and his offenses in Miami were more of a physical, running style. The Jets are supposedly looking for explosion in their passing game, and I'm not sure if Sparano is the guy to provide that for them.

There are persisting rumors that the Jets could also add Todd Haley as a "passing game coordinator." This would make a lot of sense, as Haley has drawn up some pretty good passing attacks in his time with Arizona, as well as in 2010 with Kansas City.

What do you think of the move to hire Sparano for the Jets? Will the Jets be better off with him? Or do they still need to add a coach like Todd Haley?