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New England Patriots Links 1/12/12 - O-Line Stronger, More Confident After Working Through Injuries

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Matt Light is asked about working through a makeshift offensive line, and if it helps that they're capable of having players who can fill in when players go down.

I think it speaks a lot to the guys that we have and obviously the job that Dante [Scarnecchia] does. Any chance that they have to get out there and prove it during the regular season, I think it will help us in the postseason. You want to have a little bit of confidence going into those situations where you have guys that do go down. The younger guys have stepped up all season and made big plays for us and shuffled from one position to another, from one side of the line to the other. It's not an easy thing to do, but they get it done in practice. They get it done when they go out there and for whatever reason, it's worked out really well for us.

Matthew Slater expresses the need for improvement in the return game.

We're definitely not satisfied with our production; it's been too inconsistent. But we can learn from that. In the postseason, we feel like we still believe in the guys back there, we still believe in our scheme and we feel like we have a chance to make some plays to help this team down the stretch. We can't get frustrated; we just have to stay at it and keep practicing. Obviously, we're not satisfied with the standard that we've set here in the past with what we've done this year. But here's a chance for us to get better in the postseason.

Brian Waters talks a bit about Dante Scarnecchia and the Patriots O-line.

He's definitely not shy. He loves to work. He's very animated about being on the details. As an offensive lineman, he's definitely not going to give you a break, but you respect it because you understand he's not doing it just to hear his own voice; he's doing it because he really believes in the things that he's teaching and the techniques that he's teaching and that they work. It's evident by the play of not only this line this year, but over the course of the years that the Patriots have always had very good offensive lines over the years. It definitely works.