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New England Patriots Links 1/16/12 - Patriots' Playoff Win a Total Team Effort

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Group hug!  Group hug!
Group hug! Group hug!

Bill Belichick addresses the media immediately following the Patriots 45-10 win.

I just can't say enough about the players today. They obviously did a great job. We had a good week in the bye week and I think we got a lot of things done. Once we found out who we were playing, I think these guys really did a good job of focusing on the target and they were obviously ready to go today. You have to give the players all the credit in the world. They stepped up and they made a lot of big plays throughout the game for 60 minutes. We got contributions from everybody. Great job on special teams. We had a lot of good field position. We played on a short filed, the offense got the ball in the end zone. We got some stops on defense, turned the ball over early. It was a good, solid team effort. We'll enjoy this one for a little while and then we'll find out who we have in the AFC Championship. But it's an honor to be in that game and it's been a lot of hard work this year, but I'm really happy for the players. I'm really excited for them. They deserved it. They've worked hard, they've put up with me, so they deserve this.

Tom Brady talks about the versatility of the tight ends and whether he took the game personally after all the hype around Tim Tebow.

Yeah, well I think they've been great assets to this offense along with the plays that Deion [Branch] made and the plays Wes [Welker] makes and the way Benny [BenJarvus Green-Ellis] runs it and the way that we can protect with the O-line and the way the defense plays. It's certainly not about one player, it's one position. Coach [Belichick] really challenged us last night to come out and play as a team, to play together and to play complementary football and I thought we did that.

...And, I think that everyone focused on one player and I think all week we were focused on the entire Denver Bronco team. We knew what kind of challenges they presented. Tim [Tebow] is a very good quarterback, they have a good defense, great rushing team, make some big plays in the pass game like they did against Pittsburgh. We knew the threats; we understood the danger of not playing our best game. I thought we came out and really responded well.