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New England Patriots Links 1/17/12 - A Fine O-Line Separates Winning and Losing

<em>Keeping clean: An upright Brady with time to throw = WIN</em>
Keeping clean: An upright Brady with time to throw = WIN

Wes Welker is asked about the mindset of the team as it prepares for the Ravens.

That we need to get back to work. We had a good performance this weekend and we're going to have to repeat that and even do more to have a chance this weekend. That's kind of our mindset of understanding that we have to play really well this week in order to win the game.

Matthew Slater talks about how focused the team is with just four teams remaining.

"It has to be even higher than it was last week, and it was high last week, but it has to be high. It has to be a one-day-at-a-time thing. You don't win the game on Sunday, you win it throughout the course of the week and it starts today by how you prepare and then obviously you have to go play well on Sunday. Giving ourselves a chance to have success starts today."

Rob Ninkovich doesn't take any motivation from what the media says about the Patriots defense.

You really can't listen to anything outside of the locker room. We're a tight-knit unit. The defense has kind of had their ups and downs this year, but in the big picture of things, I think that we've done really well in the turnover ratio. Especially with the way our team is made up, our offense is so potent, that if you can get them the ball obviously they're going to do something with it. Really, the more times you can get Tom [Brady] the ball and let him do what he does best - and that's to throw the ball around and make big plays. Obviously, we've let up some big plays that you don't want to do as a defense and yardage that you don't want to have. But when you look back on the season, we're still 13-3 and the points, we didn't let up a lot of points which obviously, if you're letting up a lot of points, you're not going to win. Turnovers and points I think we did pretty good at.





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