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New England Patriots Links 1/20/12 - Chung Brings Stability to Secondary

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Patrick Chung responds to questions about the difficulty in coming back from an injury and if he's been 'mystified' by the play of the defense.

On me, it's been pretty tough but the team is winning, the team is winning. I have no complaints at all. We're winning and just have to keep working and whatever obstacles there might be, you have to keep working and try to overcome those.

We have a good defense, a good defense, good players, good coach. Coach [Belichick] gives us the game plan, we execute and we've been doing that for the whole season.

[The rotation of safeties doesn't matter] the best players are going to play at the given time, whoever you have is going to play regardless. Whoever Coach [Belichick] puts out there he has full confidence in and he expects them to make plays.

Bill Belichick is asked about the challenge of getting the defense to gel with so many moving parts.

Our guys on defense, they work hard, they really do. They come in and put in a lot of extra time watching film, preparing, studying. I think all of our players really have gotten better individually. We've had some moving parts where some guys have worked with other players beside them or in front of them or behind them as the case would be. We stayed at it and some things have gotten better. We still have a lot of work to do, there are a lot of things we can improve on. I think overall, the work ethic and the confidence of the unit has been good. Hopefully we can continue to get better.

Vince Wilfork doesn't care much for rankings.

"We don't pay attention to any stats. That's something we don't do. We know how we feel about this team and we feel really good about this 2011 team. We'll see where that takes us. But, we really don't pay any attention to any stats."