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NFC Championship Game Thread: Giants (#4) at 49ers (#2)

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New York Giants (#4) at San Francisco 49ers (#2)

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012 | 6:30 PM ET

Giants Coverage: Big Blue View

49ers Coverage: Niners Nation

By the time this game kicks off at 6:30 PM ET, we will know the outcome of the Patriots vs. Ravens AFC Championship game. Of course, as I'm writing this post, we have no idea who will win that game. Hopefully, this thread will be a happy one. If the Patriots lose, it will be a sad one. Heck, maybe we should make two threads: one for good news, and one for bad news. Hopefully, we get good news. If the Patriots do win against the Ravens today, then they will play the winner of this match-up in Super Bowl XLVI.

As for this football game, I think it's going to be a real close one. I'm pulling for the 49ers to win, but similar to the Ravens-Patriots game, I could see the 49ers get into trouble if the Giants have success throwing the ball early. If San Fran can bait Eli Manning into a couple of mistakes (aka Drew Brees from last week), I could see the 49ers winning. However, if the Giants can avoid costly turnovers and keep points off the board on defense, I see them winning in a close one (heck, each time I pick against the Giants they win, so why not pick against them?). Greg's Prediction: Giants 23 49ers 20

Update: So this is a good news thread! The Patriots will play the winner of this game in Super Bowl XLVI.