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AFC Championship Game Thread: Patriots vs. Ravens

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AFC Championship Game Thread

New England Patriots (#1) vs. Baltimore Ravens (#2)

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012 | 3:00 PM ET | TV: CBS

Ravens Coverage: Baltimore Beatdown

We're here. After a long, turbulent offseason, an up and down beginning to the year, and a dominant stretch over the past ten weeks, the Patriots are taking on the Baltimore Ravens in the 2011-12 AFC Championship.

Today, the Patriots are faced with the task of defeating their toughest opponent of the 2011 season: The Baltimore Ravens.

A win, and the Patriots will be taking on either the Giants or 49ers in Super Bowl XLVI in their fifth Super Bowl of the Tom Brady / Bill Belichick era. A loss, and the Patriots will once again have to face the critics that have haunted them since Spygate and the team's Super Bowl XLII loss.

We'll do the analysis later. For now, lets enjoy some football.

Go Pats!