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The Redeem Team Cannot Be Stopped

People have called the Patriots team the "Redeem Team." The franchise has suffered from some rather inglorious exits since their last Super Bowl victory in 2004.

2005: Denver Broncos shellack the Patriots.

2006: Indianapolis Colts successfully complete the greatest comeback in post-season histroy.

2007: New York Giants end the Patriots bid to go 19-0.

2008: Kansas City Chiefs and safety Bernard Pollard end Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's season.

2009: Baltimore Ravens embarrass the Patriots at home.

2010: New York Jets defeat the Patriots for a second consecutive one-and-done season.

The Patriots now have the chance to right all that has been wrong in the football world. This season is for redemption. This team cannot be stopped.

The Patriots destroyed the Broncos twice and wrecked the Tebow Train in the playoffs. '05 Redeemed.

The Patriots beat the Colts and overcame a last quarter comeback. Oh, and the Super Bowl is in Indianapolis- consider it a potential double whammy to the Patriots main rival of the past decade. '06 Redeemed.

The Patriots have the chance to exact revenge on the 2007 team as the squad prepares to face the Giants in the Super Bowl. '07 Redemption Pending.

The Patriots crushed the Chiefs and also eliminated Pollard's current team from the playoffs. '08 Redeemed.

The Patriots beat the Ravens in the AFC Championship game to head to the Super Bowl. '09 Redeemed.

The Patriots swept the Jets in the regular season and watched the Jets fragile locker room implode. '10 Redeemed.


There is one more step to go. The Patriots have a chance to fix everything that has gone wrong over the past few years and can make everything right with one successful 60 minute performance.

This is the team to do it because the 2011 New England Patriots are playing for one another. They're playing for Dan Koppen, lost at the beginning of the season. They're playing for Andre Carter, the Patriots best defensive player on a forgettable defense, who was lost at the end of the season.

They're playing for Brian Waters, one of the best guards in the history of the game, who just wants to end his career on a positive note. They're playing for Chad Ochocinco, one of the best receivers of the past decade; a player who bought into the system and is giving the team everything he has, even if it doesn't seem like enough. They're playing for Marcus Cannon, the rookie who beat cancer and came back to the field to help the team to victory.

They're playing for the 53 active players. They're playing for the 12 players on the injured reserve. They're playing for the 8 players on the practice squad.

They're playing for Bob Kraft and his departed Myra, for whom this season is dedicated.

They're playing for each other. One game at a time. And they cannot be stopped.