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Injury Update: Rob Gronkowski Will Reportedly Play in Super Bowl XLVI

One of the scariest moments in yesterday's 23-20 victory over the Baltimore Ravens was when tight end Rob Gronkowski went down with what appeared to be a severe ankle injury at the end of the 3rd quarter. Gronkowski returned to the game in the fourth quarter, but it appeared that he may have been running on adrenaline more than anything. In fact, after the game, he was seen in a walking boot.

But, worry no more. Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald is reporting, that as of this morning, it looks like a certainty that Gronkowski will play in Super Bowl XLVI:

A source told me this morning that Gronkowski's left ankle, which he injured on a 23-yard catch in the third quarter, won't prevent him from participating in the game in Indianapolis in two weeks. The source with direct knowledge of Gronkowski's condition said simply, "He'll be ready to go."

That surely allows Patriots fans, coaches and players a sigh of relief. Gronkowski described his ankle as "fine" in the locker room after the game, but he didn't go into detail. In fact, the precise injury is not clear. But the source believed - as of this morning - that it is clear Gronk will play.

This is terrific news, to say the least. Gronkowski is key to the Patriots' ability to create mismatches on offense, he is the Patriots' best red zone threat, and should also be used to help disrupt the timing of the Giants' pass rushers in the Super Bowl in two weeks.

Looks like the Patriots dodged a bullet here.