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Patriots Jason Licht Makes 2nd Round for Chicago GM

The Patriots Director of Pro Personnel Jason Licht has received a callback for the GM role of the Chicago Bears. Licht spent 1999-2002 with the Patriots as a college scout, a national scout, and an Assistant Director of Player Personnel. During that time, the Patriots made it to, and won, a Super Bowl.

From 2003-2007, Licht switched to the Philadelphia Eagles and was promoted from Assistant Director of Player Personnel to Vice President of Player Personnel. During that time, the Eagles made it to, and lost, a Super Bowl.

For the 2008 season, Licht was the Personnel Executive for the Arizona Cardinals. During that time, the Cardinals made it to, and lose, a Super Bowl.

From 2009-present, Licht returned to the New England Patriots as the Director of Pro Personnel. During that time, the Patriots made it to a Super Bowl (and are still pending on the results).

That's quite an impressive resume for Licht as everywhere he touches seems to turn into gold. Licht will be competing with Chiefs Director of College Scouting Phil Emery who, if you've read Michael Holley's War Room, should be a semi-familiar name. Emery has worked for former Patriot Thomas Dimitroff at the Atlanta Falcons before receiving a job offer (with a recommendation from Dimitroff) with former Patriot Scott Pioli at the Kansas City Chiefs. Basically, both candidates have clear connections to Bill Belichick and the Patriots tree of success.

The Director of Pro Personnel's job is essentially to look through all players in the league and evaluate whether or not they would fit with the Patriots. Of course, there's a deeper role (the "fit" can span from salary cap, to skill set, to general personality and upside), but the typical main job is to search out quality players that fit the mold. That would mean that Licht would be responsible for the findings of guard Brian Waters and running back Danny Woodhead, but could also mean that he had a role in the trades for WR Chad Ochocinco and DT Albert Haynesworth. Of course, Belichick would have the last say, but Licht should have had a hand in the creation of the current Patriots roster.

Should Licht receive the offer (although a gut feeling has Emery as my front runner), the Patriots could likely promote current Assistant Director of Pro Personnel Bob Quinn to the vacated position. Quinn has been with the Patriots since 2000 as a Player Personnel Assistant (2000-01), pro scout (02-03), regional scout (04-07), national scout (08), and the Assistant Director of Pro Personnel (09-current). He knows the system and seems like the top likely candidate.