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Peyton Manning Helping Giants Establish Home Field Advantage

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It's good to see Peyton Manning watching out for his family and keeping the Patriots-Colts rivalry alive and well. Peyton has stated that he's been helping Eli Manning throughout the playoffs as a mentor, film guru, and a big brother. While Eli clearly has the physical and mental capability to thrive in the playoffs, it doesn't hurt to receive any additional help along the way.

In an interview with the Indy Star's Bob Kravitz, Manning stated that he enjoyed discussing the 49ers defense with Eli and evaluating their tendencies. Brothers helping one another in film study is nothing new, as the Harbaugh boys teamed up against the Pittsburgh Steelers this season. In another case, the Ryan brothers helped each other against the New England Patriots. In a total "brother from another mother Bromance" sort of way, Josh McDaniels and Bill Belichick have been noted for discussing strategies as well. Everyone does it. It's good to see Peyton helping out the little brother- because the Patriots can't win without beating Peyton. It's just a fact.

In addition, Peyton also stated that he's helping out Eli and the Giants by asking for Colts player tickets:

"Well, I've already gone to work for him, getting all my teammates, trying to get their two-ticket allotments," Manning said. "That's what he did for me two years ago and I did that for him four years ago. And I'm helping any way I can, getting him restaurant reservations around town for him and his teammates. [Colts owner] Jim (Irsay) called after the game and offered any kind of help he could give, which was generous."

That's true brotherly love. I'm sure that the maximum of 100 tickets will have no effect on the outcome of the game, but any little bit helps and will certainly make the Giants time in Indianapolis all the more enjoyable.

As for Peyton's knowledge of the Patriots (insert your own disgruntled Josh McDaniels remark here), Eli has played the Patriots much more recently and should be fine on his own. That said, expect Peyton to tell Eli everything he knows in order to help out his brother.

If only someone on the Patriots had a brother on the Colts with half as much sway at Peyton. Sorry Gronk Nation.