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New England Patriots Links 1/26/12 - Patriots Hold First Super Bowl Practice Today

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<em>Gerard Warren is very appreciative of being one step closer to a Super Bowl ring</em>.
Gerard Warren is very appreciative of being one step closer to a Super Bowl ring.

Linda Holliday, Bill Belichick's girlfriend, tweets some good news to fans:

It's red hoodie at Superbowl XLVI!

Ian Rapoport notes neither Shaun Ellis nor Gerard Warren have ever played in a Super Bowl, despite 23 years of experience between them.

"That’s the reason why I came here," Warren said, "the reason why I’m glad to be back. This is what it’s all about."

"I knew we would have an opportunity," Ellis said. "We went to work and everybody just stayed focused. No selfish guys. All for one goal, just all for one goal. To be able to play in that next game, in the Super Bowl, it’s a great feeling. We’ll enjoy this and get ready for next week."

Christopher Price gets some points of emphasis from an AFC scout and NFC scout when it comes to New England's game plan against New York. Here's one:

NFC scout: "The Patriots will have to be disciplined in the pass rush, not because Eli Manning is a scrambler, but because he’s very good at sliding to buy time and giving wide receivers time to create and escape coverage for big plays. The Patriots' inside rushers can push the pocket, while the ends have to be disciplined to not give Eli space."

AFC scout: "What stands out to me about the Patriots off last week’s game against Baltimore was their ability to get around and harass the quarterback with just their front lineman, they got push in the middle of the pocket and were able to condense to get middle pressure. That is key vs. Eli Manning."



  • Mike Petraglia reports the Patriots will get a Super send-off with a rally at Gillette Stadium Sunday morning at 10:15 am. It's a free event for fans.
  • Ron Borges is the ultimate voice of reason (did I just type that?) on the subject of Billy Cundiff's shanked field goal.
  • Mark Farinella explains the scoreboard situation at Gillette and why the Ravens' whining is nothing more than that.
  • Mike Reiss analyzes Pats-Giants in Week 9 and notes how the Giants defense was successful in disrupting Brady's rhythm.
  • Christopher Price gets some points of emphasis from an AFC scout and an NFC scout on how to beat the Patriots.
  • Mike Reiss explores whether Chad Ochocinco will be active for the Super Bowl.
  • Kirk Minihane takes a sniff at the "Is Eli Manning as good as Tom Brady" question, just to kill a few minutes before the Super Bowl.
  • Ian Rapoport focuses on the Tom Brady-Bill Belichick duo and what they've been able to accomplish together.
  • Karen Guregian talks about how Tom Brady has been able to reciprocate in his relationship with QB guru Tom Martinez, by helping him find a kidney donor.
  • Paul Kenyon reports on how Bill Belichick's defensive insights helped Tom Brady learn to play quarterback.
  • Mike Reiss reports a Super Bowl win would pay players an extra $88K each.
  • ESPNBoston notes Tom Brady is back on the Sports Illustrated cover, but considering it's his 24th time on the cover, the "jinx" hasn't stopped him yet.
  • Ian Rapoport catches up with Kevin Faulk and looks back with him at his early days.
  • Tom E. Curran quotes how Bernard Pollard has apparently worked on revising his image from respectful to opponents to 'hardass.'
  • Shalise Manza Young helps us get to know Sterling Moore, who earned some love after he broke up two potential game-winning TD passes.
  • Jeff Howe has an interesting piece on Patriots RB Eric Kettani, who was summoned back to the Navy after spending time on the practice squad.
  • ESPNBoston highlights Troy Brown on the Mike and Mike show about the Pats-Giants rematch, what it's like playing for Belichick and more.
  • Chris Gasper examines the mental toughness and chemistry inside the Patriots locker room. (3 min. video)
  • Ian Rapoport posts a picture of the US Lockheed C-5 Galaxy AFC Championship Game flyover, complete with Patriots logo and MHK patch on the wing.
  • Michael Whitmer Patriots Notebook: Giants are following the same path to the Super Bowl that they did in 2007; Belichick knows this will take his team's best game to win; Julian Edelman was rooting for the Patriots to win SB XLII while at Kent State four years ago; Brady's intercepted pass to Matthew Slater was only the 4th pass all season thrown Slater's way (1 reception - a 46-yarder in the season opener); Giants were outscored 400-394 in the regular season.
  • Ian Rapoport Patriots Notebook: Rob Gronkowski wouldn't have been able to practice yesterday if the team held one; Gerard Warren and Shaun Ellis have never played in a SB, despite 23 years of experience between them; Pats return to practice today after having Tuesday and Wednesday off; CB Nate Jones played one snap against the Ravens - on the last drive with the game on the line.
  • The Boston Globe reviews the recent sports history between Boston and New York.