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2012 Pro Bowl Game Thread

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2012 NFL Pro Bowl

American Football Conference vs. National Football Conference

Sunday, January 29th, 2012 | 7:00 PM EM | TV: NBC

Well, I can't imagine a more meaningless Pro Bowl from a Patriots perspective in recent history. The last time the Patriots made the Super Bowl, in 2007-08, the Pro Bowl was still played the week after the championship. Now, with the game being played the week between the Conference Championships and the Super Bowl, and with the Patriots set to take on the Giants a week from today in Super Bowl XLVI, there aren't many storylines to cover from a Patriots perspective.

Of course, the Patriots did have eight players initially named to the Pro Bowl: Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Vince Wilfork, Logan Mankins, Brian Waters, Wes Welker, Matt Slater, and Andre Carter. Those players have all been replaced.

Hey, but at least we are finally getting some more football. Sort of. If you can call it "football."