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New England Patriots Links 1/06/12 - Patrick Chung Knows the Value of Veteran Leaders

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<em>Patrick Chung running with the ball is always a good sign</em>.
Patrick Chung running with the ball is always a good sign.

Patrick Chung responds to a question about how he would talk to a rookie or younger guy about the challenges of playoff football.

Honestly, prepare for the game like it's a regular game you're trying to win. You can't get too hyped about it because if you get too hyped you might get too antsy and then you never know what might happen, but if you have the same preparation that you do week-in-and-week-out and just take it as a game that we have to win just like every other week then that's the best advice I can give them. Just relax and let the game come to you.

Yeah, [I had to learn that lesson myself] because I'm just straight Energizer Bunny out there, so they try to tell me just to relax and let the game come to you. I finally realized that great advice, so that's the one thing I'll tell a rookie coming in, ‘Just play your game and don't worry about all the other hype and everything else that's going on around you.'

Who gave you that advice? [Tedy] Bruschi, [Jerod] Mayo, [and] Junior [Seau], guys that have been there, that have been in playoff games throughout their careers – just listening to those guys.

Bill Belichick is pleased with the team vote for Marcus Cannon as the 2011 Ed Block Courage Award winner.

Great selection. I had the privilege of working for a year with Ed. He was a tremendous guy, real inspiration to all of us at the Colts. I was only there one year, but still. Chad's [O'Shea] father actually worked with him as well. Of course, Marcus has gone through a lot this year. He's certainly had to deal with a lot more than a normal rookie would have to deal with, which is a big transition as it is, just coming into this league. He dealt with a lot very maturely and unselfishly. He did what he had to do, but at the same time he was always there for the team and was always doing what he could to help the team and he's helped the team in a lot of ways. I'm proud that he's on our team and what he's accomplished. He certainly deserves to be recognized for it.



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