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Confirmed: Josh McDaniels Agrees to Deal With Patriots

Throughout the past few days, we've followed the rumors of Josh McDaniels' potential return to the New England Patriots' sideline. Adam Schefter reported this morning that the reunion was expected (and it seemed like a done deal), but then Peter King reported via Twitter that McDaniels' return to the Patriots was "not done yet."

However, just a few minutes ago, ESPN's Adam Schefter confirmed what we all believed would happen: Josh McDaniels has officially agreed to a deal to return to the New England Patriots, effective tomorrow.

For the remainder of the 2011 postseason, McDaniels will serve as an "offensive assistant." Starting in the offseason, McDaniels will assume his previous role as the team's offensive coordinator.

It's really amazing how quickly this story has moved. If you had told me just two or three days ago that McDaniels would be back with the Patriots by this Sunday, I probably would have called you crazy. This is an excellent move for New England, and for further analysis, feel free to read my article from earlier in the day.