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Patriots vs. Broncos: The Josh McDaniels Effect

While watching the Denver Broncos pull out a dramatic 29-23 overtime victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Wild Card round yesterday, I couldn't help but think that about the effect that Josh McDaniels had on that team. After all, the two players involved in the 80 yard hook-up on the game winning play on the first play of overtime were Tim Tebow and Demaryius Thomas - McDaniels' two first round draft picks in 2010 with the Broncos.

When the Patriots re-hired Josh McDaniels over the weekend, we knew that he had faced many of the Patriots' potential playoff opponents. But at the time, it seemed rather unlikely that the Patriots would end up playing the team that McDaniels coached just a year ago.

Now, we know that the Patriots will indeed play the Broncos - a team that still has McDaniels' fingerprints all over it. McDaniels knows the players on that team: the offense, defense, etc. Sure, some things have changed and the Broncos have added dynamic players such as rookie Von Miller. Nonetheless, with the Broncos' offense built around the franchise quarterback that Josh McDaniels hand picked in Tim Tebow, there is no question that McDaniels can provide some kind of help for the Patriots in preparation.

Last night, the Patriots officially announced that Josh McDaniels had returned to the Patriots' coaching staff. Who knew he could be this vital to the Patriots this quickly?

How do you see Josh McDaniels impacting the Patriots vs. Broncos match-up this Saturday?