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Nick Caserio Comments on Decision to Decline Colts Interview

Yesterday, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that the Indianapolis Colts asked the Patriots permission to interview Director of Player Personnel Nick Caserio, and that he was their #1 candidate contacted for the team's vacant General Manager position. Caserio then, rejected the Colts' offer to interview:

As soon as the Colts made their move, the Patriots made theirs, meeting with Caserio and convincing him New England was a better place to be than Indianapolis.

After some prodding from the Kraft family, Caserio agreed. He rejected the Colts' overtures and opted to stay with the Patriots.

While this was initially seen as excellent news for the Patriots, many were left wondering what was behind Caserio's decision to stick with the team. Today, when meeting with reporters, Caserio offered a little (albeit tight-lipped) explanation:

Yeah, I would just say that I've got a great job here in New England, I work with a great staff - I'm privileged to work for the head coach [Bill Belichick] that I do. Today is no different than it was any other day and I enjoy being here and right now the focus is on getting ready for the Denver Broncos and that's where we're at.

Asked how "flattering" the interest was, Caserio responded:

I don't really have anything else to add other than what I just mentioned. I love New England, I enjoy being here, I enjoy the work that I do, the people that I work with and that's not going to change.

Okay, so those weren't exactly the most detailed responses. Hopefully, however, Caserio's decision to not even interview with the Colts is an indication that he would like to remain in New England for the long haul. Although the Colts are a rival team, the opportunity presented to Caserio was certainly an excellent one. Perhaps Caserio believes that if he hangs around New England for a few more years, he could be the eventual successor to Bill Belichick. Or perhaps Caserio simply didn't want to depart the Patriots for one of their biggest rivals. Or, as Mike Reiss suggested, maybe Caserio could receive a promotion of some sorts, or a new title (GM?).

What do you think went into Caserio's decision to stay put in New England? Do you view him as a potential successor to Bill Belichick?