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Patriots vs. Seahawks: 3 Players to Watch on Seattle

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The New England Patriots will travel to CenturyLink Field to take on the Seattle Seahawks as they try to improve to 4-2 on the season. Who are three Seahawks that Patriots fans should worry about?

David Welker - Getty Images

This game is definitely one that all football fans should enjoy.

Not very often do you see the New England Patriots travel to the Pacific Northwest, attempting to steal a win from the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL's loudest stadium, CenturyLink Field.

Not to mention, this game should be appealing to all long-time Patriots fans, as this will be the first time that New England will have a chance to take on Bill Belichick's predecessor, Pete Carroll.

But putting the 12th man and Pete Carroll aside, let's take a look at three players that we should take note off on Seattle's roster.

1. Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch is without a question Seattle's best player and undoubtedly the team's entire offense. Quite frankly, Seattle's offense revolves around Marshawn Lynch.

Lynch is one of the NFL's premiere running backs as he's run for 508 yards this season as well as scoring two touchdowns while averaging a solid 4.5 yards per-carry and 101.6 yards per-game.

If the Patriots can take Lynch out of the game and make him a non-factor, then New England should be in good shape to walk away from CenturyLink Field with a win.

2. Chris Clemons

If defensive end Chris Clemons can get into a groove and play at a high level, then he's going to make it one tough day for Tom Brady.

Clemons leads Seattle in sacks, as he's racked up 5.5 thus far which is good enough for sixth most in the NFL.

Clemons is an impact player that has been almost unstoppable this season is one of the many reasons why Seattle is 3-2 on the season.

3. Bruce Irvin

As far as I'm concerned, I have no problem with the Seattle Seahawks drafting Bruce Irvin at 15th overall in this year's draft.

The defensive end out of West Virginia might not be an every-down defender, but he is one incredible pass-rusher.

Irvin has recorded 4.5 sacks through five games this season—which is the second most on Seattle's roster.

Pairing Irvin with Clemons, the Seahawks have one feisty pass-rush that could cause a lot of problems for Tom Brady and New England's passing attack.