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New England Patriots Links 10/02/12 - Versatility Keeps Pats' Wheels Turning

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New England Patriots Daily News and Links for 10/02/12

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Matt Chatham argues that versatility is what gave Brandon Bolden a prime role in Sunday's game, and what keeps the wheels turning in the right direction in New England.

Versatility goes much deeper than simply remembering assignments for multiple positions. It’s also handling vastly different responsibilities within that same position. One play might require a player to best someone bigger and stronger, yet the next play requires the same player to handle a markedly different responsibility against someone who is smaller and faster.

A player who can handle all this saves the chaos of mass substitutions, which cannot happen in hurry-up or no-huddle action, and he also provides valuable insurance under the tight gameday restrictions of 45-man rosters. One-trick ponies tend to stay in the stable.

Brandon Bolden had his breakout game as a running back with 16 carries for an impressive 137 yards. But Bolden’s story is just as much about his surprising competence on special teams, helping him continually make it to the gameday roster.

... Bolden’s competency in his under-the-radar special teams role opened the door for his running back star-turn. In New England, those opportunities for carries usually don’t come for backup running backs without week-in, week-out special teams reliability.