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Patriots vs. Jets: Bold Predictions for New England's Week 7 Game

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Let's take a look at my bold predictions for New England's Week 7 divisional battle against Rex Ryan and the New York Jets.

Stephen Brashear

Kickoff between the New York Jets and the New England Patriots is just a few hours away, but before we sit down and watch the game let's take some time for my bold predictions for New England's Week 7 game against the New York Jets.

1. The Patriots will score points early

Coming off of last week's very disappointing loss against the Seattle Seahawks, as the Patriots simply imploded in the second-half, New England will come out on fire Sunday afternoon against the Jets.

Essentially, the Patriots will look to remove that sour taste from their mouth and their intensity will most definitely overwhelm the Jets—not to mention that this is a rivalry game for the Patriots, so their intensity level will certainly be high as it is.

2. New England will establish a running game

Throwing the ball 58 times isn't going to win you very football games— but that's just my opinion.

If you want to be a successful offense in the NFL, then you're going to need to have some balance.

The Patriots have had balance all season until last week when Tom Brady ended up with a career-high 58 pass attempts—and what did that get them? Nowhere, as they left Seattle with their third loss on the season.

Look for a nice dosage of Stevan Ridley early on as New England will likely come out in a no-huddle, fast-pace offense with a lot of quick snaps and quick runs.

3. Tim Tebow will score his first touchdown on the season

Yes, I might be a huge Tim Tebow believer but I do seriously believe that he'll score a touchdown Sunday afternoon.

I definitely see Tony Sparano and the Jets using Tebow a lot against the Patriots, as the Jets offense has struggled throughout the entire season. Sparano will look to use every wrinkle in his playbook and I'm sure a few of them will work and one will result in a Tebow touchdown.

4. Mark Sanchez will throw three interceptions

Ultimately, it's going to come down to who's more pathetic: Mark Sanchez or New England's secondary.

And if you ask me, I think Sanchez is more pathetic as he's one of the worst starting quarterbacks in the NFL today.

Entering Week 7, Sanchez been picked off six times while posting a 70.9 quarterback rating while completing just 49.7 percent of his passes.

I just want to make this clear: How does a quarterback complete 49.7 percent of his passes in the NFL nowadays? How is that possible? With all of the rule changes that favor the passing game, how does one not complete over 60 percent?

With that being said, I have zero faith in Sanchez and I feel that New England's secondary will rise to the occasion and capatilize on some of Sanchez's poorly thrown passes.

5. Wes Welker will be unstoppable

With Darrelle Revis obviously being out as he's done for the season, who's going to cover him? I highly doubt it's going to be Antonio Cromartie, as his skill-set as a corner isn't suited for a slot receiver like Welker.

With that being said, New York's likely cornerback to cover Welker is Kyle Wilson, and I just don't see him doing much as to stopping the NFL's second-leading receiver.

For all you fantasy owners out there, take note: Welker is going to have a great day.

Final prediction: New England: 31 New York: 17