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Patriots Lead Jets 23-13 Headed into Fourth

For the second straight week, the Patriots are taking a ten point lead into the fourth quarter against their opponents. Today, following the second Brady to Gronkowski touchdown throw of the day, the Patriots lead the Jets 23-13 heading into the final period.

The Jets opened the second half with a long, bruising drive, but stalled within the ten and were held to just three points.

The Patriots then answered with their best drive of the game. The offense had been stalling all day, but was finally able to bring it together and put together a long, grinding drive that included several third down conversions. The drive lasted seven minutes, 15 plays, and was good for 83 yards.

After a defensive stop, the Patriots once again got the ball back, and are driving to begin the fourth. Unlike last week's game against the Seahawks, New England will look to put the Jets away quickly as possible.