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Patriots vs. Jets: Postgame Chat Presented By XFINITY

Join us for our live chat following the Patriots vs. Jets game at 8:30 PM ET!

Jim Rogash

We'll be holding the Patriots' weekly Patriots chat at 8:30 PM ET here on Pats Pulpit. I'll be around to answer all of your questions, so feel free to drop a question or comment in the comments section below. Some possible topics for discussion:

  • Stephen Gostkowski comes through in the clutch
  • Chemistry issues with Brady/Lloyd
  • Patriots defense steps up late
  • Patriots blow another fourth quarter lead
  • Offense sputtering for most of the game
  • Jermaine Cunningham and Rob Ninkovich have big games
  • AFC East race

Again, we'll be starting at 8:30 PM ET sharp, so be sure to join us then.