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Patriots vs. Jets: Quotes of Note

Five notable quotes from Patriots players and coaches following the team's 29-26 victory over the New York Jets.

Jim Rogash

Five notable quotes from Patriots players and coaches following the team's 29-26 victory over the New York Jets:

Wes Welker on the team pulling out the win:

"We just kept fighting to the end. We've been fighting before and the plays just didn't go our way and today we made the plays that made the difference."

Rob Ninkovich on the game winning defensive play:

"It was just an edge rush. Jermaine Cunningham did a great job of getting inside on the guard, so it kind of shortened that corner for me and I was able to get around the guy. I saw Jermaine on his legs trying to get [Mark Sanchez] down and he tried to throw it, so I just got the ball, knocked him down and picked up the ball."

Rob Gronkowski on the offense pulling it together on final two drives:

"We just went out and complete passes, got the run game going a little bit and everyone was just doing their job. O-line was doing good and Tom [Brady] was putting the ball where it needed to be caught and the receivers were making good plays. Overall, we executed as an offense to get where we needed to [be] to kick that field goal."

Bill Belichick on the win against the divisional opponent Jets:

"It's good to be 2-0 in the division. Those are huge games for us. We know the Jets are going to be there all the way through, they'll be there at the end. There's a lot of football left to be played. I don't think anybody clinched anything today, I don't think anybody got eliminated today. There's a long way to go and we just have to keep improving and getting better. We need to build on the things we're doing well and do them more consistently. The things we aren't doing as well, we have to keep working hard at them to get them up to a high level. It was a good football game today. The Jets are a good team; they played well, as they have the last couple weeks. I think they've continued to get better. We'll have to keep our game going at that rate as we got through each of the succeeding weeks here."

Tom Brady on failing to close out the game in the fourth quarter:

"Well, it was first and 10 and then we got a pass interference, and then it's first and 20 and then it's incomplete and then it's a run and then its third and 16. So that's not the way to play offensive football. I don't think there's going to be a high percentage playing that way. We can't really put ourselves in that situation. We've all got to do a better job executing our plays. There's no easy way out. It's not like there's a magic, special play that you save for those situations. It's about doing your job and doing a better job of it."