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Patriots vs. Jets: What We Learned from New England's 29-26 Overtime Win

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Let's take a look at five things that we learned following New England's 29-26 overtime victory over the New York Jets.

Jim Rogash

This game could have gone either way, as the New England Patriots are very fortunate that they escaped with the 29-26 overtime victory over their divisional foe, the New York Jets.

With the victory, New England improves to 4-3 as New York falls to 3-4 and the Patriots now currently sit atop of the AFC East.

In that spirit, let's take a look at what we learned from New England's 29-26 victory over New York.

1. Tom Brady finished the game strong

In the final five minutes of New England's game last week against the Seattle Seahawks, Tom Brady was just two of seven for 24 yards and failed to record one first down.

This week was a different story.

In the final five minutes and in overtime against the New York Jets, Brady was able to complete nine of his 14 passes for 95 yards while recording a solid six first downs.

With so many questioning Brady's ability to close out games, including myself, the way he performed in the final five minutes and in overtime is certainly encouraging.

2. New England's run game bounced back well

After watching Tom Brady throw the ball 58 times last week against the Seahawks, we saw his number of attempts drop, but slightly as he threw the ball 42 times.

However, the balance of New England's offense returned as the Patriots ran the ball 31 times, which was five more times than the Patriots did last week.

But the more important thing is that New England's ground attack was very effecting against the Jets. Stevan Ridely ran for a solid 65 yards while Shane Vereen ran for 49 yards.

As a team, the Patriots ran for 131 yards for an average of 4.2 yards per-carry.

3. Brandon Lloyd had an off-day

Wide receiver Brandon Lloyd was almost a non-factor in Sunday afternoon's game as he finished with just one reception for six yards.

Lloyd was targeted a total of eight times with many of those targets resulting in drops.

New York certainly did their job as to taking Lloyd out of the game and hopefully for New England's sake, Lloyd can bounce back next week against his former team, the St. Louis Rams.

4. Rob Ninkovich was able to come through in the clutch for the Patriots

Not only did Rob Ninkovich recover the game-winning fumble in overtime, but he came up with huge, key plays throughout the game.

Ninkovich finished Sunday's game with four tackles and a team-high 1.5 sacks.

It's certainly nice to see someone rise to the occasion on New England's defense.

5. New England's secondary is still putrid

Well, I suppose it's an improvement from last week as the team's secondary didn't give up any huge plays down-field, but they still struggled against Mark Sanchez and New York's lowly passing attack.

Sanchez, who came into Sunday's game with a 70.9 quarterback rating and a completion percentage of 49.7, he was able to take advantage of New England's pitiful defensive backfield. Sanchez threw for a whopping 328 yards while completing an impressive 68.3 percent of his passes while tossing one touchdown and being picked off once.

I'm sure Sanchez is sitting there saying that he wishes he could play against New England's secondary every week, as they could make him look like a Pro Bowler.