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New England Patriots Links 10/25/12 - Survival By Turnover a Dangerous Way to Live

New England Patriots Daily News and Links for 10/25/12

I love me a riled-up and feisty Tom Brady
I love me a riled-up and feisty Tom Brady
Jim Rogash

Karen Guregian focuses on how the defense giveth but also taketh away. The only thing saving the D right now are the turnovers it gets.

And if you look back, takeaways have been a huge element in each of the Pats’ four victories.

Remember Chandler Jones’ strip-sack of the Tennessee Titans [team stats]’ Jake Locker and fellow rookie Dont’a Hightower’s subsequent fumble return for a touchdown that swung momentum early in the season-opening win?

Or how about the Buffalo win during Week 4 when Brandon Spikes forced two fumbles, none more important than the one committed by Bills running back C.J. Spiller at the goal line before the half?

Then there was Ninkovich and Spikes combining to pry the ball loose from Willis McGahee on a pivotal Denver drive late in the game in the win against the Broncos.

So the defense clearly has made a difference in that regard. And it’s something opponents are quick to recognize. ...

Now for the down side in this equation.

While it’s great to see Spikes, Ninkovich, Jones and Jerod Mayo popping balls loose, or Devin McCourty making off with an occasional interception, it’s just not something you can count on.

This isn’t supposed to be the defense, it’s supposed to be a complementary element of the defense. While the unit has produced turnovers in all seven games, that hasn’t always translated into wins.

Survival by the turnover is a dangerous way to live.