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Patriots Extend Lead, Cruise into 4th with 38-7 Lead

The Patriots extended their lead in the 3rd quarter, and now lead the Rams 38-7 headed into the game's final period.

Jamie McDonald

The Patriots have extended their big halftime lead, and continue to pour it on versus the Rams in London. Heading into the fourth quarter, New England holds a 38-7 lead over St. Louis.

The Patriots have been near unstoppable on offense, and have tightened things up on the defensive side of the ball on their way to 38 unanswered points since the game's opening possession. Running back Stevan Ridley had a huge third quarter, and now has 119 yards on the game.

While the game isn't over, it's hard to imagine the Patriots blowing this lead. The one thing on the team's mindset now: close it out. The "W" in the win column will be nice either way, but being able to put in a full 60 minute performance will be a nice additional moral victory heading into the halfway point of the season.

The Rams have the ball and are driving to begin the final period.