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New England Patriots Links 10/03/12 - Patriots Secondary is First Concern

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New England Patriots Daily News and Links for 10/03/12

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Greg A. Bedard examines the coaches tape from Sunday and has a lingering concern about the secondary, especially with Peyton Manning and the Broncos coming to town.

There was some good in there with cornerback Devin McCourty’s two interceptions, safety Tavon Wilson’s gift-wrapped pick from Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, and all-around solid play from No. 2 cornerback Kyle Arrington.

Besides that, the Patriots internally have to be doubling up efforts to get things corrected in the secondary because the sub packages on defense are ripe for exposure by the right quarterback and team.

It can’t be sitting well with coach Bill Belichick that his defense, despite having more talent and time in the system for some players this season, is still giving up way too many explosive plays: seven of more than 20 yards (accounting for 56 percent of Buffalo’s 438 yards), and another nine for more than 10 yards.

Karen Guregian reports Devin McCourty isn't concerned with critics putting him under the microscope. He's "just trying to progress, get better every week."

"It’s similar going into it mentally and playing Tom (Brady in practice). You gotta try to be on point every single snap," McCourty said.

"That’s the biggest thing I take at practice playing against Tom. Playing against Peyton is similar. The few times we were off a little bit (during the game my rookie year), he took advantage. It’s not like you got the play off. He saw it. He got the ball there. It’s tough mentally and physically going against quarterbacks of that caliber."