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Why Am I Not Nervous?

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Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos are coming to town for what promises to be an epic showdown against the New England Patriots. So why am I not worried?

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Why am I not nervous right now?

It's Brady vs. Manning. It's a quality opponent. It's a game where the loser drops to 2-3 and loses another AFC Playoff tiebreaker. It's a Broncos team looking to exact some serious revenge after a 45-10 beatdown in last year's Divisional Round. It's an opposing quarterback who has looked better and better every single week, one who has a very established history of shredding this secondary once he has a chance to figure this defense out. This is an absolutely huge game and one that , if history is any indicator, will be pretty damn close.

So how come I'm not nervous?

Am I still just riding the high of last week's blowout? Am I too confident that the Patriots won't drop two straight home games? Am I making a bunch of crazy assumptions about how this team has turned some kind of corner and the rest of the season will more closely resemble the last 25 minutes of the Bills game than the first 35? Am I just mentally blocking out what Peyton Manning will do to this team if they come out of the box this week as flat as they did last week? Have I suddenly started putting one ounce of faith in the experts, most of whom are picking the Pats in this one? What's going on here? Is anyone else feeling the same way?

Wow. All of a sudden, I just got really nervous.

Good. I feel better now.