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Patriots vs. Broncos: Game Thread

Game thread, predictions, and updates for the Patriots vs. Broncos game at 4:15 PM ET.

Al Bello - Getty Images

We're finally here: It's Manning vs. Brady time.

For some reason, that feels like it's all you need to know about today's Patriots vs. Broncos game.

In some ways, that's rightful. Watching these two quarterbacks battle it out has been a treat over the last decade-plus has been a treat, and who knows how many more times we'll get to see these two go head to head, with Peyton being 36 and Tom 35. You've got to enjoy these games, because you never know when you might get another one.

On another note, however, I think there are more layers to this game than the casual fan realizes. The Broncos are pissed at the Patriots. While Tebow is out and Manning is in, and sometimes it seems like that's all that anyone talks about, much of the Broncos' core remains in-tact from 2011. Much of the team that the Patriots embarrassed in the divisional playoffs last season is still there. And they're angry, and they're looking for revenge.

Because of that, I'm expecting a very close game today, one that should have another last minute finish from Manning and Brady. Oh yeah... so we're back to them. Either way, the Broncos will be playing with a lot of emotion today, and that's always a dangerous thing.

Greg's Prediction: Patriots 27 Broncos 24

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