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Patriots Take Command: Bring 31-14 Lead over Broncos into Fourth

The Patriots continued to dominate the Denver Broncos in the third quarter, and are taking a 31-14 lead into the fourth.

On offense, the Patriots continue to churn out long drives. Quarterback Tom Brady is having arguably his best game of the year, and capped off the Patriots first scoring drive with a one yard touchdown run. After a Rob Ninkovich strip sack of Peyton Manning the ensuing drive, Stevan Ridley then punched the ball into the end zone to give the Patriots a 31-7 lead.

Of course, as Patriots fans know, things are never over for a Peyton Manning quarterback team. Manning took the Broncos down the field with ease on the next drive, and cut the Patriots lead to 31-14.

The Patriots are driving to start the fourth quarter, and another score would certainly make things more comfortable. If there was a comfortable against Peyton Manning. Which there isn't.