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New England Patriots Links 10/08/12 - Patriots Hurry-Up the Horses 31-21

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New England Patriots Daily News and Links for 10/08/12

Jim Rogash - Getty Images

Woody Paige (Denver Post) Broncos don't have the weapons to conduct football war.

It's difficult for Manning to come to a duel with Tom Brady without a sword.

If the defense wasn't allowing the Patriots a franchise record 35 first downs — and being torched for first downs on 11-of-17 third downs — and wasn't so indolent on hurry-up plays by the Patriots, and if Demaryius Thomas and Willis McGahee weren't fumbling in critical circumstances, and McGahee hadn't dropped a ridiculously simple toss on fourth down, and if the coaching staff wasn't making inane calls on offense and defense, and if the head coach hadn't committed the grave errors of not going for a two-point conversion and not challenging a Patriots fumble, Manning actually might have pulled off an astonishing comeback.

The question before the game was: How do the Broncos beat the Patriots once when they couldn't do it twice last season? Well, the answer after the game is: Don't fumble; don't drop passes; don't give up 19-yard running plays on third-and-17; don't react to the hurry-up unhurriedly — and there's a chance to win with Manning.

At the start of the Revolutionary War, the British arrived at Concord unprepared and outmaneuvered, and were run out of town. The Broncos understand.