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Pats Pulpit Week 10 NFL Sunday Picks

Greg Knopping of Pats Pulpit makes his week 10 Sunday NFL picks.

Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

My picks for week 10 of the 2012 NFL season:

Oakland Raiders at Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens are still hurting, but they shouldn't have trouble taking caring of the Darren McFadden-less Raiders at home. The Pick: Ravens 24 Raiders 17

Denver Broncos at Carolina Panthers: The Panthers found a way to win against the Redskins last week, but still only mustered 21 points against a struggling Washington defense. Denver is on a hot streak, and should take care of business against the Panthers on the road. The Pick: Broncos 31 Panthers 16

New York Giants at Cincinnati Bengals: Will the Giants' November struggles continue? I think not. Cincinnati, even at home, has been too inconsistent to pick in this game. Still, I think this will be a close game. The Pick: Giants 27 Bengals 21

Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins: The Dolphins have been the victim of several close losses this season, must recently in week nine against the Colts. They need a win here, and I think they get it. The Pick: Dolphins 20 Titans 17

Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings: The Lions have quietly put together a couple of wins and are in position to potentially become relevant again. The Vikings meanwhile, are trying to prove their strong start to the season wasn't a fluke. The Pick: Lions 27 Vikings 17

Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots: The Patriots rolled over the Bills in the second half a few weeks ago, and the Bills have proven to be one of the NFL's biggest let-downs. With the Patriots coming off a bye and their most complete win of the season, I see them winning this one by a significant margin. The Pick: Patriots 34 Bills 17

Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints: My upset pick of the week. The Saints are at home, their offense has found some more consistency as of late, and the Falcons are due for a loss after a lot of really close wins. The Saints, despite their lowly record, are dangerous and are certainly capable of pulling off the upset. The Pick: Saints 34 Falcons 31

San Diego Chargers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers: So just when you were thinking the Chargers wouldn't be a let down yet again, they're a let down. Tampa Bay might not be ready for the playoffs in 2012, but a win today would put them at 5-4, and would certainly give them a chance. The Pick: Buccaneers 24 Chargers 20

New York Jets at Seattle Seahawks: I think the Jets will play this one close, but I don't see them mustering enough on offense against this Seahawks defense. Plus, Seattle gets the homefield advantage. The Pick: Seahawks 20 Jets 13

Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles: So, either the Cowboys or the Eagles have to get a win in week 10? Well, you can't say that about most weeks. I like the Cowboys here. The Pick: Cowboys 27 Eagles 17

St. Louis Rams at San Francisco 49ers: St. Louis is improved in 2012, but if week eight's game against the Patriots was any indication, they're not ready to go hit for hit with the league's top contenders. The Pick: 49ers 24 Rams 13

Houston Texans at Chicago Bears: Will a top AFC contender be able to knock off a top NFC contender? If the Patriots want any chance at a bye, they better hope not. This should obviously be a close game, and you've got to think the Texans will show up - unlike they did against the Packers a few weeks ago. The Pick: Texans 24 Bears 23

Kansas City Chiefs at Pittsburgh Steelers: As much as I'd like to see Kansas City pull off a huge upset against the Steelers, it's just not ging to happen. The Pick: Steelers 28 Chiefs 13