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Patriots vs. Jets: Bold Predictions for New England's Week 12 Game

Happy Thanksgiving to all! In that spirit, let's take a look at my predictions for one of the NFL's most heated rivalries: The New York Jets and the New England Patriots.

Jim Rogash

Shouldn't we just make this a tradition?

Jets vs. Patriots, every Thanksgiving—how great would that be?

I'm pretty sure that not only all of New York's and New England's fanbase would love to see that every Turkey day, but I'm sure that every single NFL fan would love to see this rivalry featured every Thanksgiving.

With just hours away until kick off between the 7-3 New England Patriots and the 4-6 New York Jets at Metlife Stadium, let's take a look at my bold predictions.

1. Aaron Hernandez will have 100-plus receiving yards

With tight end Aaron Hernandez officially listed as questionable with an ankle injury for tonight's game, I actually do see him playing considering that fellow tight end Rob Gronkowski is listed as out with a broken forearm.

Hernandez will have to pick up some much needed slack as Gronkowski was arguably New England's most productive receiver and not having him on the field would most definitely affect the team's offensive production.

I do see Hernandez rising to the occasion and shredding New York's defense as he'll rack up 100-plus receiving yards.

2. Mark Sanchez will throw for 300-plus yards

Is this really that bold? I feel like I say this every single week with every opposing quarterback.

Mark Sanchez has only thrown for 300-plus yards twice this season—and one of those games happened to come against the Patriots, as he threw for a season-high 328 yards.

So is it really that far-fetched to predict that Sanchez will chuck the ball for 300-plus yards? Not really.

3. Tom Brady will throw three touchdowns

Entering today, Tom Brady has thrown for 21 touchdowns on the season with him currently throwing at least two touchdowns in each of the last five games.

Against the New York Jets tonight, I do see Brady playing very well against New York's secondary and it wont affect his streak of tossing two-plus touchdown passes.

4. Shonn Greene will only rush for 50 yards

I might add that Shonn Greene might not even come close to 50 yards rushing tonight against the Patriots.

For starters, Greene is probably the most overrated running back in the NFL today and has ultimately been a huge bust for the Jets.

Greene comes in tonight's game with an average of just 63.1 rushing yards per-game and has only had one game with 100-plus rushing yards this season.

Playing against the NFL's 10th best run defense, I don't see Greene having a good day at all.

Final prediction: New England: 27 New York: 20

Isn't it hard to believe that this will be the first time since 2009 that the Patriots are without Rob Gronkowski?

Even the offense being without Gronk, the Patriots will be just fine against the Jets.

I just don't see the Jets having what it takes to actually knock off the Patriots, but I do believe that solely because of Rex Ryan, they will find a way to make a ballgame out of it.

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