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Patriots vs. Bills: 3 Players to Watch Out for On Buffalo

With the Patriots coming off of a bye, let's take a look at three players on Buffalo's roster that the Pats need to watch out for.

Tom Szczerbowski

Well—thank god that the bye week is over. Sundays get a little boring when the Patriots aren't playing. In fact, I actually spent my Sunday at a museum—that's how boring it was for me.

Enough of the chit-chat, let's just jump right into it as we preview the New England Patriots playing host against the Buffalo Bills.

Here are three players to watch out for on Buffalo.

1. Mario Williams

He might only have 4.5 sacks, but you can't deny that Mario Williams is one of the top pass-rushers that the NFL has to offer.

Granted, the Patriots did a solid job at containing Williams rushing from the edge back in their Week 4 meeting with Buffalo, as New England's offensive line kept him in check and didn't allow him to sack Tom Brady once.

If New England's offensive line can continue their success at protecting TB12, as they're coming off of a sack-less performance against the St. Louis Rams, then they'll move the ball effectively via the air against Buffalo.

2. Marcell Dareus

I don't care that many are saying that Marcell Dareus is having a sophomore slump—you can't take away his talent and his potential effectiveness against opposing offenses.

Dareus was by far the top rookie defensive lineman a year ago for the Bills but this season, his stats aren't really reflecting how talented he really is. The 22-year-old has recorded just two sacks and 16 tackles through eight games this season.

Perhaps Dareus' lack of big and game-changing plays this season is why Buffalo is ranked No. 31 in team defense.

3. Stevie Johnson

Considering that New England's secondary is ranked No. 28 in pass-defense this season, any wide receiver presents a huge threat against the Pats.

Stevie Johnson is Buffalo's most explosive receiver and with New England allowing the most 20-plus yard receptions this season, Johnson could have a field day.

Johnson has recorded 35 receptions for 416 yards thus far this season while scoring four touchdowns.