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Patriots vs. Texans: Bold Predictions for Week New England's Week 14 Game

With a win on Monday, the New England Patriots will gain one game against the Houston Texans as both teams look to increase their chances at snagging the No. 1 seed in the AFC. With that being said, let's take a look at my bold predictions for Monday's game against the Patriots and the Texans.


This is as big as it gets: A battle between the two best teams in the AFC on Monday Night Football.

The New England Patriots vs. the Houston Texans—who is the best team in the AFC?

Kickoff to Monday night's game is just hours away and there are playoff implications on the line as the reigning AFC champions will look to gain a ground on the No. 1 team in the AFC, the Texans.

With that being said, lets take a look at my bold predictions for New England's Week 14 Monday night game.

1. Tom Brady will not throw one interception

This is the kind of game that defines Tom Brady's career. There is not one quarterback that I would want in this situation than Tom Brady—it's just that simple.

Just look at some of Brady's memorable games in the spotlight; like 2010 against the New York Jets on Monday Night Football. Brady threw for four touchdowns and 326 yards while not being picked off once in New England's 45-3 thrashing of the Jets.

I'm not saying that Monday's game is going to be a blowout against Houston, but I am saying that Brady will be at his best.

2. Matt Schaub will be intercepted twice

It's make or break time for Matt Schaub as he has yet to play in a single playoff game and this will arguably be the most important game of his career

Schaub has posted a 94.5 quarterback rating thus far in 2012 while completing 64.4 percent of his passes for 21 touchdowns and nine interceptions.

However, I don't believe Schaub has it takes to succeed in this kind of high-pressure game on the road in the cold weather at Gillette Stadium.

3. Arian Foster will run for 100-plus yards

I do see the Patriots attempting to take Arian Foster out of the game and forcing the ball into Matt Schaub's hands—but I just don't see Foster struggling. He is just that good.

Foster is arguably the NFL's best running back as he's rushed for 1,102 yards and 13 touchdowns while averaging 91.8 yards per-game.

The Patriots might have the NFL's eighth ranked run-defense, but I don't see that slowing down Foster at all.

4. Brandon Lloyd will catch a touchdown pass

Well, it's about time—Brandon Lloyd will come up huge for the Patriots Monday night.

Lloyd has only caught three touchdowns all season while recording 50 receptions for 561 yards, but I do see him having some success against Houston.

Why? Well it's been no secret that Lloyd has been somewhat quiet the past few weeks and one might believe that he's being faded out of the offense, but I see him shocking everyone in the NFL's biggest stage.

Final prediction: New England: 34 Houston: 30

For those of you that are a betting man, I'd be taking the over for Monday's game as it currently sits at 50.5. I see this being a high-scoring game that should easily surpass 51 points and even come close to 60 points—and if you're going by my prediction, it will be 64 points.

With that being said, I do see Houston hanging around against the Patriots, but there's no way that New England loses this game.

Since 2009, Tom Brady and the Patriots have only lose two games in the month of December and since 2010, they have yet to lose one game.

This is the time that New England makes it's playoff push and starts to get things together.

Every team in the NFL should be scared to play the Patriots in December—they are just that dominant.

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