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Patriots vs. Texans: Game Thread

Official Pats Pulpit game thread for the Patriots' week 14 match-up against the Houston Texans.

Jim Rogash

When we first looked at the schedule, eight long months ago, tonight's game against the Houston Texans was a game all Patriots' fans circled as what could be the best AFC test of the season. It was circled as a game that could challenge the Patriots on both sides of the ball, play an important role in playoff positioning, and be a barometer of exactly how good the team was as they approached the conclusion of the season.

Well, the supposed game of the year is here, and guess what? According to many, it's still the game of the year.

What's on the line tonight? It's simple. A victory, and the Patriots move within just a game of the Texans for the 1st seed in the AFC, and they maintain the inside track for the two seed. The Patriots lose, and they're in an uphill battle for the two seed, and will be essentially eliminated from contention for the one seed.

So how does this thing turn out? Undoubtedly, this will be the Patriots' toughest match-up of the season thus far. It's kind of cliche, but this is the type of game that could go either way. Both teams have a lot on the line, both are well coached, both are talented. But the Patriots are arguably hotter than any other NFL team, they're at home, and they just don't lose there in December. And oh yeah, I can occasionally be biased. Greg's Prediction: Patriots 31 Texans 27

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