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Patriots Extend Lead to 35-7 over Texans

The New England Patriots are slowly, surely inching their way closer to a victory over the team with the AFC's best record, the Houston Texans.

We're into the fourth quarter, and the Patriots hold a 35 - 7 lead.

The 3rd quarter was a bit up and down for the Patriots. They allowed the Texans to score a touchdown, and were inconsistent on offense. However, they did have one big highlight: a beautiful 63 yard Tom Brady to Donte Stallworth bomb for a touchdown.

And at the start of the fourth quarter, the Patriots handed the Texans a possible poison pill. With the team driving, Tom Brady hit running back Danny Woodhead for a slip screen. Woodhead slipped a couple of tackles, but had the ball popped out from behind by JJ Watt. However, the Patriots caught a break, with the ball landing in the end zone and being recovered by receiver Brandon Lloyd for a touchdown.

This game isn't over, but if the Texans don't strike quick, it will be soon.