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Patriots vs. 49ers: Bold Predictions for Week New England's Week 15 Game

After dismantling the Houston Texans, the New England Patriots will now look to knock off the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday Night Football. It's going to be a wintry mix tonight at Gillette Stadium, so this could be a game for the ages between two of the NFL's elite teams. With that being said, let's take a look at my bold predictions.

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There's a reason why I prolonged to wrote my bold predictions for this week's game. And what might that reason be? To see what the weather is going to be like at Gillette Stadium at kickoff. As of right now, it looks like it's going to be 36 degrees with light rain—the perfect mixture for a New England victory on Sunday Night Football.

The Patriots are coming off of an impressive, dominating win over the Houston Texans this past Monday night, as the Patriots arguably proved that they're the best team in the AFC.

Now the Patriots will take on an even greater challenge: The 9-3-1 San Francisco 49ers on Sunday Night Football.

With a win tonight, the Patriots will likely prove to the NFL that they are the team to beat in the NFL.

In that spirit, let's take a look at my bold predictions for New England's Week 15 game.

1. Tom Brady will be near perfect

Like I said last week, this is the kind of game that Tom Brady lives for—this is what defines his career.

Brady will be at the top of his game, much like he was last week against the Houston Texans when he completed 21 of his 35 passes for 296 yards and four touchdowns.

Granted, Houston's defense is one of the best in the NFL, but in my opinion they're nowhere near the 49ers.

Entering Week 15, the 49ers have the NFL's second ranked defense—but I don't see that stopping Brady and New England's high-powered offense.

Brady will prove yet again that he is the NFL's MVP.

2. Colin Kaepernick will play fine in tonight's cold, rainy weather

So I think Colin Kaepernick will play fine tonight—but just not good enough to keep up with Tom Brady.

I am a fan of Kaepernick, and I do believe that he's the answer for the 49ers, unlike Alex Smith. However, he's simply no match for Brady.

The second-year quarterback out of Nevada has posted a 97.5 quarterback rating thus far in 2012 while completing 67.4 percent of his passes for three touchdowns compared to just one interception—but that's not all Kaepernick can do. As you all probably already know, Kaepernick is a dual-threat quarterback and is quite the play-maker when he decides to tuck the ball and run. Coming in Sunday night, Kaepernick has rushed for 351 yards and five touchdowns.

Don't get me wrong, I do like Kaepernick and I do feel like he will play pretty well tonight in the high-pressure stage of Sunday Night Football—but he wont be good enough to beat the Patriots.

3. Randy Moss will be a non-factor

With Mario Manningham being out, many believe that this is the perfect opportunity for Randy Moss to stick it against his former team—well, you're all wrong.

Bill Belichick bailed on Randy Moss at the perfect time as he traded him after just four games n 2010. Since then, Moss has caught just 40 passes in 25 games for 580 yards and only four touchdowns.

So face it Moss fans, he is not the guy he used to be and the Patriots are far better off without him on their roster—fact not opinion.

4. Aldon Smith will put frequent pressure on Tom Brady

If you ask me, Aldon Smith is a much better play than J.J. Watt.

Heading into Week 15, Smith has recorded an NFL-leading 19.5 sacks.

So as I said that Smith will get to Brady quite a bit, but I don't see him doing it enough to knock off New England's top-rated offense.

5. Final Prediction: New England: 31 San Francisco: 20

When it's a battle of two of the NFL's elite teams, it ultimately all comes down to the quarterbacks: Tom Brady vs. Colin Kaepernick.

Is there any debate? Brady is light-years ahead of Kaepernick and I just don't see Kaepernick and San Fan's offense keeping up with the Patriots.

Granted, San Francisco's defense will give New England problems, but Brady and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels will prevail in the wintry conditions tonight at Gillette Stadium.

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