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Patriots Start Sloppy, Trail 49ers 7-0

The New England Patriots have had a sloppy start to their Sunday night match-up against the 49ers. They have two turnovers, five unsuccessful offensive possessions, and just haven't gotten anything going on offense.

They were able to create a turnover on defense on a second and goal, but other than that, have looked vulnerable on that side of the football as well. Headed into the second quarter, the 49ers have the ball and are threatening after recovering a Shane Vereen fumble in Patriots territory.

The 49ers' lone score of the day was a Randy Moss touchdown catch from Colin Kaepernick, on a play in which he beat rookie Alfonzo Denanrd down the left sideline.

So far, it's been quite an uncharacteristic performance for the Patriots, and they're lucky to be down just 7-0. There's plenty of time to go in this one, but if the Patriots don't get something going soon, they could be facing a significant deficit.